What is Naturally Organic?


Relationship Coffee provides a very high quality product.

Current certification levels describe the details of how the coffee was grown and processed.

Our logo includes the phrase 'Naturally Organic'.

What does that really mean?

Organic certification has a long list of criteria that the product must meet to attain this certification level. It assures the buyer that the product meets these standards and that both the agricultural and processing practices are more wholesome for the consumer and more environmentally friendly. [ http://www.onecert.net/Standards.htm]

By respecting the natural capacity of plants, animals and local conditions it aims to optimise quality in all aspects of agriculture and the environment. By refraining from use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and pharmaceuticals, organic agriculture dramatically reduces the external inputs to agriculture. [ http://www.organicstandard.com/]

Naturally Organic means that the coffee meets or exceeds all the requirements for organic certification with one very important advantage. It assures the buyer that absolutely no chemicals have been used by the farmer and no chemicals were used to process the coffee. And since these African farmers have grown coffee for generations using only natural methods, no chemicals have ever been used for generations.