What is in your cup?


Relationship Coffee Co. embarked on a journey to help small scale African farmers and source exceptional organic, shade grown and bird friendly coffee.

We are a small company focussed on getting very fresh, hand crafted coffee to our customers. You won't find Relationship Coffee in many grocery stores anywhere. Our clients choose us because we go out of our way to deliver the highest quality freshly roasted coffee. One bag or 100 pounds, all of our customers can be assured that the coffee is always fresh and always organic.

Roasting coffee is a fusion of art, science and craft; we practice every day and firmly believe there is always something to learn. We visit farmers, train with our peers and are active in the global coffee community. Our reward is the opportunity to work with passionate people from around the world.

When we find a coffee we like, questions like "how much does it cost?" or "can I buy it for less?" don't come into play. Great coffee deserves a premium, and it is our job to seek out amazing coffee. Farmers who work hard, put forth good practices and produce exceptional coffees should be recognized for their efforts. Sometimes our coffee might cost a little more, but we think once it is in your cup you will understand why.

We know there are more than a few great coffee roasters out there, and you have alot of choices when making your purchases. We simply ask you to remember: Wherever you buy your coffee, always make sure it is freshly roasted and sourced in a sustainable way!

Thank you for your support!