News from Africa



Farmers in Errusi, in Northern Uganda, have been able to start upgrading their homes. Most of the farmers in the villages in this district have lived in grass huts all their lives. With some of the additional income from the sale of coffee, they have purchased corrugated metal sheets which they will use to replace their existing grass roofs. This is a huge change for them since the metal roof will better protect them during the rainy season and in windstorms.


Providing the opportunity to send their children to elementary school or highschool will make a big difference for employment and improved lifestyle.


 Training for improved agricultural practices, coffee processing and detailed record keeping is ongoing.


Samson Kermundu, NIHACOFA board director, has been speaking at various coffee conferences to explain and promote the Relationship Business model as it applies to coffee but also to other small scale farmer products. He has been informing governmental representatives from several African countries [Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Malawi, Congo, Madagascar, Rwanda and Burundi] about the Relationship coffee project and the partnership with NIHACOFA. The response has been very positive and many new contacts established.

With our improved agricultural tracking approach, we are now able to tell you which coffee farmer your coffee order comes from. We are developing a database that lists each farmer by name, their farming history, and their documentation regarding the naturally organic verification document that ensures no chemicals have been used in their farming practices for generations.